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Subtle Energy Summit 2023

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Nutrition For High Frequency Living

Nutrition is one of the most confusing and important areas of our physical lives that is directly connected to our spirits and frequencies. Our bodies are as connected to our spirits as the earth is connected to the sky. Often people separate physical performance from a spiritual lifestyle. These two are woven together as intricately as the threads in your clothing. Learn how every bit you take is intricately woven into the direct connection you have with your spirit. Experience the frequency of vital health, nutrition and become inspired in exploring the next level of physical and spiritual vitality. 


Alli’s angelic connection began with her earliest memories as a child and has gained clarity throughout her life. She has been blessed with guiding and holding others during their last breath on earth knowing these experiences were chosen in perfect timing for her to be an angelic guide and communicator between worlds. 

Her natural connection to angels creates a very radiant and peaceful energy that some say feels like heaven on earth. Knowing this was her path, Alli spent nearly 30 years traveling the world as a student and seeker deepening and developing her connection to the Angelic Realm.

Alli believes that everyone has the ability to connect to spirit and through her dedication of lifting her personal veil to the soul realm of magic and love, she is able to channel angelic messages onto canvas. Each piece offers a specific message for an individual and the message continues to offer wisdom and guidance as the piece hangs on your wall. 

When Alli is not creating private commission pieces, she is channeling messages for souls onto canvas whom she has not met yet. “The painting picks you.” Angels need to be invited onto the earthly realm. She invokes and invites them to paint through her knowing that each recipient will appear.  These art pieces are infused with angelic energy and are felt as well as seen. 

Often the experience of angelic love evokes emotion and a knowing that we are divinely loved and these paintings are the angels way of expressing that love and connection they have with us even though we cannot see them with the naked eye. They want us to know, that all you need to do is call on them. Having these paintings in your home is like having an open door to heavens gate and constant contact with your personal angelic realm. 

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