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Subtle Energy Summit 2023

with Najah Abdus-Salaam

Gemstones and Crystals and creating healing spaces Helia House

I Love Crystals! Now What?!

We all love them and surround ourselves and our homes with them. But for many of us, that is where we stop with crystals and gemstones. But your crystal and gemstone friends have so much to share with you. In this class, you will learn the following:

  • The proper ways in which we should talk about our crystals – they are feeling beings.
  • Choosing crystals – Ensure they are sourced ethically and you know their origin.
  • How to connect our hearts with the heart of the crystal or gemstone.
  • The importance of cleansing and clearing your crystal and gemstone friends.
  • How to form a relationship with these beautiful beings so you can benefit from each other’s energies through the guided Three Hearts Exchange Meditation.


Najah’s love of crystals and gemstones started when she was a little girl. She loved playing with them and learning about them as a child. Her love for crystals and gemstones grew over the years, and while studying to become an acupuncturist at Pacific College of Health and Sciences in 2009, she found jewelry making as a hobby. She loved creating gemstone combinations that went to specific chakras, which eventually spread to making gemstones for physical ailments. She crafted jewelry for thyroid resection, uterine prolapse, and other conditions. She made a fertility necklace for her sister, which has gone on to assist in conceiving her nephew, and two other little girls of her friends.  

While practicing acupuncture with the elderly and terminally ill populations for years, Najah knew that something was missing – where she could feel that there was a part of her patients that she couldn’t access with her needles. This made her frustrated and even want to switch careers. Then, during Covid, she found her teacher – Sarah Thomas – who is a long-time student of  Daoist Priest Jeffrey C. Yuen of the Jade Purity Lineage. The Jade Purity Lineage is where Najah learned the fantastic practice of Daoist Stone Medicine – the study of healing the soul with crystals and gemstones.  


She now gratefully works with crystal and gemstone beings in her treatments with every patient. She also brings the loving power of crystals and gemstones to various events throughout Southern California. She leads guided crystal meditations, called Crystal Hologram Activations, and has created healing concerts with her dear friend and Sound Healer, Lindsey Roach. Together, they made Crystal Activation and Sound Healing – a profoundly healing container that aligns each participant with what their soul needs in the present moment. Crystal Activation and Sound Healing events take each participant deep into a journey of an aspect of their soul – placing crystals on specific acupuncture points, coupled with the sound healing instruments’ deep vibrational tones, each participant receives a powerful soul healing. 


Najah also works with individuals one-on-one from a distance by accessing the spirit of two amazing crystal spirits and also within the crystals and gemstones with profound results.  


In her free time, Najah loves to cook, read, meditate, practice yoga, rollerblade, make jewelry, and create gem elixirs + products to heal the soul with her online business – Virtual Soul Journey. She continues to learn and grow to refine and perfect her healing talents.


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