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Subtle Energy Summit 2023

with Mas Sajady

Xponential Intelligence (XI): Change Your Frequency Change Your Life

In this one-hour talk, Mas Sajady will explain his special method for raising frequencies and will demonstrate on attendees in real-time so you can witness the powerful and lasting transformations that can take place in moments.


Mas Sajady is known as a teacher’s teacher, mentor’s mentor, leader’s leader and the advisor to the 1%. Through three near death experiences, Mas Sajady has mastered highly advanced knowledge and abilities that he’s become the leading authority in utilizing the power of frequencies to optimize human potential.

The founder of Xponential Intelligence (XI), a handbook for human transformation. Mas has an XI podcast with 2 million downloads and 100,000 successful client sessions in the last 10 years; he has traveled around the world and reached over a million people with seemingly miraculous life transformations. His meditation program has proven to help change your life in as little as 18 days instead of decades.

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