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Subtle Energy Summit 2023

with Jim Rohr

Spirit of the Plants: Essential Oils for the Energy Body

In this class, Licensed Acupuncturist Jim Rohr will be discussing how to use Essential Oils to unblock stuck energy, open the heart, and improve your health. He’ll dive into the function of different types of oils, the best ways to use them, and how you can make your own blends to meet your unique needs. 


Jim earned his Bachelor’s (BA) in Anthropology from Stanford University and his Master’s (MSTOM) in Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Over the last twenty years of his career, he has been a professor of acupuncture, a meditation instructor at Scripps Center for Executive Health, acupuncturist at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, and has had private practices in Brooklyn, Chicago, and Miami Beach. He is the author of Unlearning Stress, the host of the Pleasure Points podcast, and @thetongueguy on TikTok. For more information, check out his website: www.rohrwellness.com

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