Welcome to the

Subtle Energy Summit 2023

with Drisana Carey

Subtle Energy Embodiment

A subtle body awareness experience PLUS self-care routines and rituals for practitioners to ground their energy and raise their consciousness and frequency.

Come enjoy full body presence 

We will dive into a variety of experiences that expand a library of embodiment practices. 

Embodied awareness – Full body scan, enjoy the 3-step process to improve subtle body awareness. 

Align and Embody – We will get the blood flowing, align our bodies with simple movements on the floor to connect the breath, and draw the mind into the watcher mode, giving the body center stage. Simple techniques everyone can enjoy safely 

Subtle body energy experience – 108 Massage; a full body treatment to support the lymphatic system and anchor a subtle body awareness evolution. 

Ground in a sensational awareness of all we have access to appreciate. 



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