Welcome to the

Subtle Energy Summit 2023

with Dr. January

Clear the blocks to experience your natural state of Clarity, Power, and Love using Somato Energetic Integration

Experience an intimate hands-on workshop using movement, breath, and consciousness to bridge subtle frequencies of the energetic field and the vibrational frequencies of the body…

In order to release places you are stuck, claim your power, and follow the energy gracefully through the unknown into a more authentic, expansive and embodied version of yourself. Come enjoy!


From her own journey overcoming PTSD and extreme physical pain, Dr. January brings deep compassion and spirituality to her healing and transformational work with clients.

Dr. January is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), certified in Network Spinal Analysis (TM), Somato Energetic Integration, Theta Healing (TM), EFT, NLP, and Forgiveness Technologies.

Dr. January knows the freedom and joy that is on the other side of challenges created from childhood wounding, specific life traumas, and limitations we carry from our lineage.

She loves guiding and equipping individuals through the journey. She offers online sessions and in person Healing Immersion weekends in Southern California.


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