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Your Five Element Personality Type

In Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui, there are five primary building blocks of everything in the universe: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are the most essential physical expressions of nature, as well as nature’s archetypes. By looking towards nature and how it behaves, we can learn more about ourselves. From there, we can use Feng Shui recommendations to enhance or balance the elements and their expressions in our lives.

Discovering more about your personality type according to Feng Shui’s Five Element Theory can lead to more intentional choices in your home and your life! You will begin to express yourself more authentically and live more luminously.

You may want to take the quiz prior to attending the session – although we will explore all personality types in the presentation!


Dr. Jaime Rabin is an accomplished executive leader, advisor, and teacher in the health and well-being industry. As part of the executive leadership team at Deepak Chopra’s global brand, Dr. Rabin has translated her decades of well-being expertise into the oversight of multimillion-dollar business units, creating transformational wellness spaces, products, and retreat experiences in collaboration with leading voices and brands in the industry. Designing and programming luxury wellness spas and studios alongside the nation’s top architects and hospitality partners has fed her personal passion for aesthetics and design. Dr. Rabin has married that passion with her extensive study in Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, and other wisdom traditions, to turn intentional design into a tool for personal transformation and healing. 

She is currently in the process of publishing her first book on the dynamic art of intentional home design, in which she shares an inner and outer path to authentic expression and luminous living. In the book, she presents her signature 5-pillar process, the Illuminista Method, giving readers a practical playback to create their ideal home – a home that offers the support and encouragement to express themselves more authentically and generously in the world.

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