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Imagetic Therapy

The talk presents Imagetic Therapy, a new style of healing qigong, heavily influenced by Japanese acupuncture ideas and techniques. In order to evaluate the impact of each intervention and overall progress of the treatment, Imagetic Therapy makes use of a number of palpatory markers such as the “Constitutional SHO” or fundamental disharmony pattern from the Keiraku Chiryou; “fukushin” exploration of trunk and abdominal zones from KMS style; and the alignment of the big toes from Miyawaki-sensei’s teachings. Its effectiveness is assured by a solid qigong training program structured in seven dimensions, that Daniel thoughtfully gleaned from his 41 years of experience so that adult persons from all age groups and physical characteristics could benefit from it. 

Imagetic Therapy’s principles and rationale have as their pillar the ideal-type category “Medical rationality” from Max Weber’s sociology, developed at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro’s Instituto de Medicina Social (IMS/UERJ)  at the “Projeto Racionalidades Médicas”. Daniel coordinated the research team on TCM between 1993 and 1997, and the project’s robust academic production played a decisive role in opening the way for the inclusion of alternative therapies in Brazil’s SUS, the country’s universal public health system, and is explicitly mentioned in the Ministry of Health’s statutes on the National Policy for Integrative and Complementary Practices (PNPICS).  

Daniel’s teachings in Paris, begun in 2016, created such enthusiasm among his students that they founded an association in the City of Lights to organise his seminars in the country and around Europe. He has been to Molière’s country no less than twenty times to teach and treat patients. Many of his students have told him over the years that the Imagetic Therapy seminars changed not only their clinical practice techniques, but their very approach to the clinical encounter. 

Imagetic therapy is surprisingly efficient at treating patients remotely; it is also a great tool for patients that dislike needling… and children just love it.


Daniel’s first contact with Chinese culture and healing arts happened through the practice of taiji quan, which he began in 1982, in Rio de Janeiro. He went on to become State, National and Pan-American gold medalist in a number of gong fu forms. In 1989 he completed his shiatsu certification program and began to work in the field of Chinese medicine clinical practice, eventually going on to study TCM-style acupuncture. In 2006 he discovered Japanese acupuncture, which he has been practicing ever since. 

From 2011 on Daniel has been building bridges between Japanese and Chinese styles, using as the axle of his work the tactile approach Japan’s blind acupuncturists developed – the “Japanese somatic marker” principle. This led to the successful development of brand-new technologies in Chinese medicine, that were perfected over the years to become easy to assimilate, immediately applicable in the clinical setting and yielding great (and lasting) results. These technologies go from as manual as they come in “teishindo”, that uses an array of (sometimes pretty heavy!) metallic tools of his own design and fabrication to combine the therapeutic properties of the metals with the benefits of Japanese anma techniques, to extremely subtle as in Imagetic Therapy, his own take on palpation-oriented qigong that sets the scene for the mind-boggling effects of the many tools and techniques of his remote-treatment style. 

He currently lives in Northeastern Brazil, at the very spot where the sun rises first in all of the Americas, and from his office treats patients regularly all over Brazil as well as in Canada, USA, Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Mali, Madagascar, Singapore and Australia. 

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